Tips for joining the conference sessions

During the conference:

  • Conference participants will have their cameras and microphones turned off.
  • During the lectures and panel sessions, we encourage you to share comments and questions within the Chat option. You can pose a question by clicking the Chat button, typing your message in the text box at the bottom of the chat panel, and pressing Enter.
  • When sharing a question, please indicate to whom it is being addressed. For example, whether it is intended for a particular panel member or for all panellists.
  • Please make sure to keep the discussion respectful. Any participants who engage in hate speech will be removed from the call immediately and banned from rejoining the call.
  • For all English-speaking participants, translation will be provided. You can activate this option by clicking on the Interpretation button at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Once you choose your language channel (English), you will be able listen to the interpreter with the original audio at a lower volume. To mute the original audio, click Mute Original Audio button.

The Green Days 2021 Conference is a free one-day online event that will connect changemakers from across the world for a day of inspiration, green impact, and sustainable innovation.

The conference will also be live-streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and the conference website. Please note that translation will not be provided for the live stream; you will hear the original audio instead, whether the presentation is being held in English or Montenegrin. Translation will be provided only for registered participants within the Zoom call.

Lastly, technical problems happen to the best and, in case an unforeseen event happens, we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for being part of the #GreenDays2021 online conference!